Introducing: 'The Way Things Ought 2 B'

American politics, culture, and economics with a dash of catastrophic thinking.

Some of you may recognize the title, and if you do, I admit to frankly and unabashedly adapting/stealing it from one of Rush Limbaugh’s books: while the man may have been vile, TWTO2B is just a fantastic title and I have no shame whatsoever in lifting it. Or, as my grandmother once said to me:

“God gave you eyes: Plagiarize”

This is my first foray into Substack, hell, I don’t even know if these things are called “Subs” or “Stacks” or if everyone still sticks to “Newsletter”, so let me introduce myself and TWTO2B here:

<movie trailer narrator voice> In a world of unceasing and accelerating change, Substacker John Thornton has a few words to say about how America got to this point, where we are going, and the way things ought to be.</MTNV>

This is largely an opinion newsletter so all mistakes are mine and are pre-owned by me and admitted to via this disclaimer, so if I don’t respond to your rebuttal or corrections, please see the first clause in this sentence. Or, in the immortal words of Jimmy Carter’s press secretary, Jody Powell, (paraphrased) respond to what I meant to say, not what I said.

I’ll do a long-form piece every 2 weeks, and shorter pieces, called “Short Takes”, in between.

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